Aid and incentives



Financial aid for the purchase of vehicles

Incentives Explanation Scope of application Processed through
Subsidy for the purchase of low emission vehicles (taxi and commercial uses) On December 9th, 2016, RESOLUTION TES / 2774/2016, of December 1st, was issued to call for subsidies for the promotion of the purchase of electric and low-emission vehicles for taxi service, commercial use and others Services operating in special protection areas of the atmospheric environment by 2017 Catalunya Direcció General de la Qualitat Ambiental
Subsidy for the purchase of electric bicycles Subsidy of €200 for the purchase of pedal assisted bicycles with an electric motor. AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area) Affiliated stores
Exemption from vehicle registration tax Exemption from the payment of vehicle registration tax for vehicles with emissions of less than 120 g/km. Spain Directly applied on payment of the tax


Installation of charge Points

Incentives Explanation Scope of application Processed through
Installation of charge points in residential buildings Installation of charge points in apartment blocks built before 1981. Up to 50% of the cost of points installed in communal areas. Barcelona Consorci de l’Habitatge de Barcelona (Barcelona Housing Consortium)
Plan MOVEA- associated charge points Under the terms of Plan MOVEA, affiliated dealers must contribute up to €1,000 toward the cost of the installation of an associated charge point from January 1st 2017. Spain Affiliated dealers
Supervalle electricity tariff The creation of the ‘Tarifa d’Últim Recurs’ (TUR or ‘Last Resort Electricity Tariff’) at low-cost overnight Supervalle rates between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. for charging electric vehicles. In addition, a new supervalle access tariff for consumers with a contracted power supply of between 10 and 15 kilowatts has been created for charging electric vehicles. Spain Electricity companies
Plan MOVEA- public charge points € 1000 for public recharging points between 7 and 15kW, € 2000 for a public semi-fast recharge point, and € 15,000 for a public recharging point. Spain MINETUR (Ministry for Industry, Energy & Tourism)
Installation of rapid charge points Financial aid of 85% of the eligible cost (up to a maximum of €25,000 per charging station), and 70% in the case of rapid charging stations on toll roads. Catalonia Charge point investors
Mandatory installation of charge points in new buildings and car parks In accordance with the recently published Spanish Royal Decree1053/2014, new public car parks and non-residential buildings must have a charge point in one of every 40 parking spaces. Spain
ICAEN subsidy quick recharge point Aid to be defined as from 2017 dedicated to charging points for public administrations and for families. Catalonia ICAEN


Cost savings

Incentives Explanation Scope of application Processed through
Discount on road tax (IVTM in Spanish) Depending on the municipality, discounts of up to 75% can be achieved on the yearly road tax. Barcelona & other municipalities Normally processed by the car dealer. If not, contactyour town council.
Free access to toll roads Free access to toll roads from Monday to Friday for electric vehicles with the ecoviaT label. Catalonia ecoviaT
Peatges tous’ (Reduced rates on toll roads) An up to 30% discount on stretches of motorway and tunnels for low-emission private cars with the ecoviaT label. Catalonia ecoviaT
Reduced parking costs in regulated areas Free parking in regulated areas of the city(Green Area and Blue Area), as per the tax regulations of each municipality Barcelona, Sant Cugat& other municipalities Contact your town council
Discount on the use of charge points in underground parking spaces Charge points have been fitted in some parking spaces by different public car park management bodies and they offer a discount on their use. Barcelona & other municipalities See the map for car parks with charge points
Discount on the use of public roadside charge points Free charge points at municipal roadside stations. Barcelona & other municipalities See the map of charge points in your municipality
HOV lanes Low-emission private cars with the ecovia T label can drive along the HOV bus lane of the C-58 road. Catalonia ecoviaT


Support to fleets

Incentives Explanation Scope of application Processed through
Corporate tax deduction in exchange for investment into environmental protection Companies can deduct 8% of any investment into environmental improvements from their corporate tax. In the case of vehicles, investment that reduces local emissions is eligible (e.g. more sustainable vehicles for internal use in enclosed areas, warehouses etc). Spain DG Qualitat Ambiental (Directorate General for Environmental Quality)
Project CLIMA CLIMA ‘Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy’ Projects (FES-CO2) are projects developed in Spain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Improvements to fleets of vehicles represent reductions in emissions that can be acquired/bought by the FES-CO2 fund. Spain MAGRAMA (Ministry for Agriculture, Food & the Environment)
Personal income tax deduction for company vehicles A deduction of up to 30% in tax on earned income for the granted use of energy-efficient motor vehicles. Spain Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria
Environmental Quality Guarantee for Fleets of Vehicles The ‘Distintiu de garantia de qualitat ambiental’ (Environmental Quality Guarantee) is a Catalan eco-label that acknowledges products and services that surpass the legally required environmental quality criteria. Catalonia DG Qualitat Ambiental (Directorate General for Environmental Quality)
Green public purchases More and more public tenders for fleets of vehicles or services in the field of mobility include clauses with environmental stipulations concerning these fleets Spain Contracting public bodies