What is LIVE



Live is a public-private platform open to all those entities involved in sustainable mobility, mainly electric and CNG vehicles, with the shared goal of developing projects, policies, strategies, new business models and creating a knowledge network.

Objectives of the LIVE Platform


Keeping and increasing the strategic position of Barcelona, its Metropolitan Area and Catalonia as a centre of international excellence in the Sustainable Mobility sector.


Becoming the link between the different public plans at a territorial level (Barcelona, Metropolitan Area, Catalonia), as well as sharing experiences and needs between the Public and the Private Sector.


Supporting the private sector in order to help in the implementation of local and international strategic projects, to provide promotion tools and meet the needs and interests of the Sector.



LIVE is made up by both public and private entities. The member of Live can join the Platform according to two levels of participation: Managing Members and Cooperating Members Live is organized through working groups and cross-related and constant commissions.

Managing Members

Cooperating Members


Within LIVE we work six main lines of actions in order to achieve the goals and functions of the platform, plus a governing line that looks after the operability and strategic decision of the Platform itself.


We carry out and cooperate in different communication and awareness raising actions aimed at the citizens and the business sector, and we also help improve the visibility of the members of the platform and their projects on sustainable mobility. The objectives of this line of action are raising awareness within the demand and make the LIVE platform and the territory a reference in sustainable mobility at international level through the exchange of knowledge.

Other projects:


Public policies

LIVE works with the Public Administrations to provide support in the improvement of public policies and, thus, benefit sustainable mobility, through the following tasks:

Other projects:

  • Defining and establishing structural measures to manage air pollution episodes with variable rates in the public transport and car parks with discounts for electric vehicles.
  • Changes in the taxi regulations of the AMB in order to include electric vehicles, stands with battery chargers, replacement cars, traffic management, etc.
  • Creating and promoting the Environmental Quality Guarantee Label for environmentally-friendly vehicle fleets.
  • Tax benefits and discounts in parking, tolls and recharging.
  • Standardisation of electric taxis


To promote the use of alternatively powered vehicles it is essential to have an infrastructure of battery charging and supply points which is wide enough, operational and easy to find. From LIVE we have launched the deployment of public and private electric charging and CNG networks in Catalonia. Some of the initiatives of this line of action launched by the platform are:

  • Unifying and updating all the information on electric charging points and natural gas stations (NGV).
  • Studying the technical and economic feasibility and the possible business models of the electric power charging points, NGV stations and multi-energetic points.
  • Even though we mainly encourage to charge EVs at night in associated points, we have noticed that for some uses of the EV, and for the users’ peace of mind, we need a network of fast charging points (around 80% of the battery in 30 minutes). Therefore we are studying a better positioning (with technical and financial criteria) of these points.
  • Working towards the interoperability of the infrastructures and the simplification of their use.

Other projects:

  • Installation of 23 fast charging points (22 kW) in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, compatible with the different types of EV (Chademo, Mennekes and Combo 2). This is the result of an agreement between the Barcelona City Council, AMB, Nissan, Renault and BMW. ENDESA expects to install in Barcelona five more fast charging points.
  • The Barcelona City Council will create, within the European project TIDE, 8 charging and discharging areas for electric vehicles in the city of Barcelona throughout 2014. These areas will have an associated electric charging point (7 kW) and it will be possible to make a reservation online.
  • BSM expects to have set up by 2015 an infrastructure of more than 200 charging points, and will offer parking spaces with integrated charging points for rent to those citizens who request it.
  • The Barcelona City Council intends to install seven taxi stands with electric 7 kW charging points by 2015.
infraestructura VE

infraestructura GNV

Vehicles and fleets

LIVE promotes the introduction of sustainable vehicles both in private and public fleets, as well as the development of its own vehicle market and mobility services. For example some of the initiatives carried out by LIVE in this line of action are:

  • Viability and potential studies and demonstrators in both public and private fleets.
  • Promotion and good practices with fleet administrators and operators; and organising sessions aimed at niches of specific sectors.
  • Monitoring of the sustainable vehicles market

Other projects:


Industrial transformation

LIVE is seeking economic growth, entrepreneurship and development in the sustainable mobility sector of the territory through the following actions:

  • Identifying the development of the sector thanks to the monitoring of the initiatives in the territory and the international benchmarking.
  • Promoting networking between companies of the mobility sector and other key agents.
  • Guidance and advice on new business models.
  • Working with operators and AAPP to make the access to infrastructures easier (Recharging points and NGC)
  • Establishing the necessary synergies and links with strategic groups and entities for LIVE (creating networks and benchmarking, fostering consortiums in H2020, etc.) such as Hyer platform, CEEC, Cluster Moto, CIAC, Campus Motor Anoia, AEDIVE, Xarxa Tecnio, DGT, Fundació BTec, IDAE, IREC.
  • Publishing the main technology and services suppliers for the sustainable mobility ecosystem.
  • Energising the mobility sector to increase the research and development in companies through consortiums; knowing the funding initiatives at a European, national and regional level; and organising events related to technological innovation.

Other projects:

  • The Generalitat de Catalunya has developed the RIS3CAT strategy to meet the request of the European Commission and one of its core strategic elements is sustainable mobility.
  • ACCIÓ has different tools to support the innovation and internationalisation of companies, as well as the strategic programme of Sustainable Mobility and the Clusters Programme to promote industrial transformation.
  • Barcelona Activa puts at the disposal of the companies its advisory and guidance service in the development of new business models and activities related to sustainable mobility, as well as their knowledge on the environment to identify and put in touch similar companies or initiatives.
industrial transformation

industrial transformation


ITS is a set of technology solutions for telecommunications and information designed to improve the operation and security of land transportation. This field is representing a revolution in the automotive sector, which already commercializes advanced vehicles with greater connectivity. LIVE invigorates actions focusing on ITS technologies because they are becoming essential to promote the development of electric and gas vehicles due to data connectivity solutions offered by ITS to vehicles, infrastructures and users.



  • PP Partnership: LIVE is a public-private partnership: Constant contact and the ability to influence public and private projects.
  • Visibility: The platform promotes local and international visibility and acts as an observatory and as a voice for sustainable mobility.
  • Development: LIVE allows the development of new public-private focus groups and benchmarks on different areas of interest.
  • Support: LIVE grants privileged access to ‘one-stop’ services to sustainable mobility companies: funding, positioning, training.
  • Opportunity: The LIVE platform incentivises the demand through initiatives devised for the final consumer and the detection of business opportunities by the participating companies.
  • Networking: LIVE works in contact and participation with several European and global networks and consortiums on sustainable mobility to carry out new projects.
  • Knowledge: Monitoring the state of the Sustainable Mobility in Catalonia and the information of the Sector (State of the Art).